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Hi Webies Welcome to Excel Automate,

Myself Anoop Kumar working as Automation Tester.
In my day to day work life I have gone through lot of tedious and repetitive tasks. And I stuck with those tasks but Deepak bhai (Deepak Pagadala) gives me introduction to Macro and VBA(Visual Basic for Applications) and that was a perfect help in my career. He shown me how to automate the tedious tasks such as calculations, preparing reports, charts and some validation stuff also. Thanks to Deepak bhai, 
We all know that Microsoft Excel is very powerful tool for office use. But many of us are doing repetitive works in Excel. Excel has built-in functions for those works .In case of more complex repetitive tasks we can use Macros :)
what is Macro in Excel???????
Many tasks you perform in Excel, such as entering sales data for a particular day or adding a formula to a worksheet are done just once. Other tasks, like changing the format of a range of cells, are repeated often but can be done quickly by using tools in Excel. However, you often have one or two tasks that you perform frequently and that require a lot of steps to accomplish.
For example, you might want to highlight several important cells in a worksheet every time you present a report to your colleagues. Rather than go through a lengthy series of steps to do this manually, you can create a macro, or a series of recorded actions, to perform the steps for you. Or, if you are familiar with the Microsoft Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA) programming language, you can write a custom macro from scratch. In either case, after you create a macro, you can run it, edit it, or delete it as needed.

So folks this blog is for you to EXCEL your knowledge on Excel Automation and Tips and Tricks. You can give suggestion to improve this blog. Please share your views about this blog ..…..
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  1. It's very informative to others. Keep going on.
    I have written a helpful code in java to trim all strings in a bean obtained from a form. Here is the link

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  3. Thanks Anoop. Great work. It has drawn my attention into some of the interesting functionalities of Excel.
    Keep posting..!!

  4. These are as useful as driving tips. Thanks Anoop...!!!

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  7. One of the best tuturial blogs i have ever seen...great please add some video tutorials also


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